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I'm slack

I haven't told you all that I'm in the loverly New Zealand! I've been here for two weeks and leave tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour... um, 6:20am.
I love it here! I'm so relaxed and happy and calm. It's such an amazing country.
I've been mostly based in Hamilton and Wanganui with trips to Auckland and Tirau and a couple of other places that I need my diary to remember. Not to Rotorua though, my home town.
In Wanganui I got tattooed, a cute tiki on my right ankle, I'll put a photo up when I get back to Australia and they're developed.
I'll put a couple of pictures up, just to make us all yearn for New Zealand even more :)
For my last dinner my Gran is cooking me fish. Is it just me or is fish in New Zealand better than everywhere else?
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