hello baby (petticoatlane) wrote in homesicknzers,
hello baby

kiwi music overseas!

I hope it's ok to post this here, but I figured you guys might be really into this. :D

I've just started a website to list all the NZ-related gigs & concerts (& any other events) that are going on in the UK & elsewhere overseas. So if you're dying for a dose of real-time Kiwiana, I might have just what you're looking for. ;) Please take a look, or pass along the link to anyone else you know who may be interested:


& I also really need your help - do you know of any great NZ bands that are planning to tour overseas? Or do you know of any that I should keep an eye on in case they plan any gigs abroad in the future? Please let me know, I want to get my mitts on as much information as possible, and I'd really appreciate the help!
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