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"...who has a sonic SCREWDRIVER?!"

Hi! [waves] Though the community's pretty quiet, I just had to toss my two cents in. I'm a Southlander transplanted to the North -- of England. Their accent, however, is much funnier than ours...trouble is, I'm starting to talk like I'm from Yorkshire myself. It's really getting to be a bit of a worry. ^_~

I don't actually miss home as much as I thought I might, although I must say that working for Boots is like being an indentured servant; they don't give a damn about their workers. KFC also has baked beans instead of potato and gravy, so my flatmate and I regularly bitch about the lack of REAL comfort food. I have, however, been converted to the vinegar-and-salt version of fish and chips, and I spend a little too much time at Marks these days. :D

If there is one thing that drives me nuts, though, it's every damn customer saying to me: "Ooh, are you from Australia, luv?"


...although I do have a genuine Aussie on-site for instant comparison -- luckier than most, I guess!

I could, however, do with some pineapple lumps round about now. Time to put the shout-out for another care package from the folks!
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