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Split Enz

Did anyone else in Aust. get to see Split Enz when they were here?  I went and it was fecking awesome!!!!!!  So much awesome New Zealand talent!  Made me very happy, I seem to still be bubbling from it :D  Tim is a sexy, sexy man!

Anyway, was just browsing through various Split Enz related pages and found that according to an Aust. webpage Split Enz is a New Zealand/Melbourne band.

What is Australia's problem?  Why not just admit that NZ is the better country?  Australia was also trying to claim Keisha Castle-Hughes for a little while.  And after claiming Russell Crowe for so long they've decided that New Zealand can have him back, 'New Zealand Russell Crowe caused a scene at a hotel earlier this year'.

A big BAH to Australia, the talent-claiming-monger-ers!

It seems they're not proud of their own talent, which is confusing, why wouldn't you be proud of Layton Hewitt?  He's so awesome at chucking tantrums!
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