Belinda / Bindy (thumbelinda) wrote in homesicknzers,
Belinda / Bindy

Hi everyone!!!

So I'm new to this community.... I'm 19 and living in Australia (Brisbane) at the moment. I was born and raised in the South Island, just above Christchurch and when I was 16 I went to America for a year (exchange student), and got really homesick, then I moved back to do year 13, then at the beginning of '06 I moved here with family. I get homesick a lot - more for the scenery (we're in a looooooong drought here and everything's brown), and the food.... the people too.... It's really hard!!!!! I even miss the crappy and cold weather!!!! That's how homesick I am. 

"Once a Kwi, always a Kiwi."
My new motto =)
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